About Us

About Us

Opening up a restaurant has always been a dream of ours, and being a small business means your support goes a long way! As a family owned restaurant, we put love in all that we do, and strive to provide you with dishes that will enhance your taste buds, and keep you wanting more! The joy we have testing and trying out recipes has become our passion as we love to host gatherings, parties, and cater special events of any size.

Being born and raised in Connecticut with the 4 changing seasons, we were limited to fresh fruits and vegetables so we weren’t able to expand our cooking. Since relocating to Florida, it reminded us of the Homeland itself - Laos. We have been able to experiment with many different vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices... And that is what we aim to bring to you: Authentic Lao cuisine plus more that offers an abundance of aromatics which is inviting to both your senses and your overall meal experience!

From our kitchen to your table, we take pride in making sure every bite is perfect... every bite is tasteful.... and that every bite is SAP SAP!! (delicious) We welcome you all in and hope you enjoy the food along with the cozy, comfy vibe & ambience we have :)

Food for thought; It’s never about the size of the business - small businesses, hole in the walls - always succeed too. It's what you do with it & how you handle it. 😉

Enjoy & Thank you! ຂອບໃຈ